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Non Fungible Tokens

Lennox Wealth INC Exchange opened an NFT marketplace as a one-stop destination for purchasing, selling, or trading in NFTs. This marketplace offers exclusive access to premium NFT collections from various artists, including exclusive projects supported by Bybit.

Users on this platform can easily purchase, sell, and exchange their preferred NFTs, which include digital art and collectibles, as well as GameFi and metaverse NFTs

As of now the users can mint their NFTs on this marketplace using only the Ethereum blockchain, though NFTs based on the Solana blockchain could be bought and sold after they have been minted.

The Ethereum blockchain is used to create all NFTs traded on this platform. Self-minting of NFTs on Bybit NFT is not allowed at this time.

At Lennox Wealth INC NFT marketplace, the checkout procedure is simple and easy to follow. One can simply pay with the token in which the NFT is priced, such as ETH, USDT, or BTC. At the moment, our NFT Marketplace only supports images and videos.

Every NFT on this market is valued with a single token. For example, if you buy any NFT with BTC, you are not allowed to trade it using other tokens such as DOGE, USDT, or ETH.

Users who already have a Spot Account can gain access to our NFT Marketplace. But if you are a new user who has not yet registered a profile with Lennox Wealth, you must first sign up for an account before you can begin the NFT trading process.