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Diaz Johana D

Chartered Financial Planner

Diaz Johana D

Diaz Johana D. is a Chartered Financial Planner in Lennox Wealth INC. Ms. Johana joined Lennox Wealth INC in 2017 and is involved in credit origination and underwriting.

Previously, Ms Johana was Chartered Financial Planner at Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan Private Bank, where she led direct investments across multiple asset classes including structured products, corporate debt, and equity. Prior to joining those financial companies, Ms Johana held various positions at Markets-wave, Berkshire and Diamondberg as a part-time consultant.

Ms Johana received a MBA in Harvard Business School, an BBA in Uniberof west London, where she was awarded with lots of awards. Ms Johana is a CFP®️ Charterholder.